The sad truth is that most personal trainers (though certainly not all) know virtually nothing about nutrition. And without proper nutrition, their training plans go to waste. 

In fact, two recent studies have demonstrated that even when training with high level coaches for 5 hours a week, folks lost only 1% of body fat over 12 weeks. The coach was only able to use exercise techniques (i.e., no diet changes), and was only able to train the subjects for 5 hours each week. 

Well, guess what? That's exactly how most personal trainers work and they're lucky get 3 hours a week with a client! So personal trainers take heed: 

Without proper nutrition , the pursuit of fat loss is hopeless. (Luckily, we're trying to change all this with our research backed nutrition programs.) 

Our philosophy:

why we achieve results;

- we teach our client's the whys and hows of proper nutrition

- mentorship

- accountability

- regular communication and troubleshooting of any issues 

​- monthly body composition check with girth measurements and photos (modified if online clientele) 

- adjustments or reevaluations as needed throughout your program

- review of laboratory testing, ect. 


Our nutritional approach is unique because it is backed by current scientific research and studies. we are not locked into one type of eating style or program, but an adaptable, easy to maintain, blend of nutritional habits designed to fit each individual's lifestyle, body type and body composition goals, Food preferences, budget and activity level. 


Working with a personal trainer

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