Option #1, 12 week nutrition plan 300.00

New Image Nutritional Counseling


Option #2 12 week online clientee or renewal plan 250.00

Program packages include choices of 12 week customized nutritional coaching:

Package 1:
12 weeks of nutritional coaching, customized menu(s), regular communications on progress, body fat and girth measurements, photographs and adjustments on menu(s) throughout programs as needed, unlimited support, grocery list and supplement recommendations, current reviews of medical & FDA studies and research provided, dining out & travel recommendations and review of all medical labs. Renewal for 12 weeks is discounted to 250.00.

Package 2: Online clientele 

Same as above with some modifications for online clientele such as caliper & girth measurements and photos. We strongly encourage these clients to keep monthly photographs (front, sides & rear) with a body fat measurements taken with a local gym or physicians office to track progress. A hand held electronic body fat measurement is acceptable.

  • price: $300.00 per quarter (12 weeks) 
  • renewal per package or online clientele $250.00 (12 weeks)